Entry #105

Free Serum Presets (Made by Me)

2017-11-20 18:27:36 by Pr0tagonist

Hello to all Newgrounds musicians! I've been working on making my own synths instead of using presets, and I thought I'd share the small collection I've created so far. Included are synths that were featured in "I Can't Breathe", "Memories in Melodies", basses from "A Little Older, A Little Wiser" and "Drained", and more! Some of the presets I haven't even used in a song yet. Have fun!




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2017-11-21 03:33:15

Good job

Pr0tagonist responds:



2017-11-22 01:07:04

Awesome! Thank you Larry!

Pr0tagonist responds:

No problem :)